About Us

We are an agarwood trading company who work with leading international Agarwood partners to ensure that we can offer products of the highest quality, while also providing fair employment and business opportunities for local communities where we operate in Thailand and adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Services

We operate across the full lifecycle of the Agarwood industry from sapling to supplying B2B and B2C vendors with processed Agarwood products across the globe, with the Gulf and the USA being our main markets.  We design and develop Agarwood plantations through South East Asia and currently have a plantation of 5000 trees in Chon Buri, with a long-term lease agreed for a second plantation of 20,000 trees to commence in the second-quarter of 2025.  Feasibility studies are also being undertaken with local partners in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia to establish Agarwood plantations. 

Our Mission

We promote and support the conservation of agarwood trees and their ecosystems in Asia, by providing access to resources and knowledge, and encouraging the adoption of sustainable and regenerative farming practices. We strive to create a healthier and more equitable future for agarwood farmers, workers, and consumers while protecting the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.
We are leaders in helping an emerging sustainable Agarwood industry that can bring much-needed opportunities to the region where the Agarwood trees grow.

Contact Us…  agarwoodasiathailand@gmail.com